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Posted by on Nov 2, 2015 in Fake Doctor notes, Tips and advice |


Have you ever woken up and had such a strong feeling of not wanting to get out, let alone go to school or work? Or maybe it’s happening to you often? It happens to all of us. So what can one do if he doesn’t feel like going to school or work? Internet will give you an instant answer: to try out the fake doctor’s notes.


Millions of people all around the world feel more and more stressed out by their jobs, test in schools, even their working environment is becoming a place to avoid. Nowadays, stress has become the number one enemy. It has intense influence on our bodies and our minds. Many diseases are caused by stress. We could even say that most of any illnesses known to new age mankind are a direct result of feeling nervous, anxious and tensed for a long period of time.

If you experience any symptoms related to stress, it’s probably making you feel like you can’t perform at your maximum, not in school, not at work. For some, stress can be paralyzing so they can’t do their homework or, if they’re employees, they’re not able to finish simple tasks or to even listen to their bosses.

Define a fake note from physicians

Dr.’s notes are beneficial

Prescription-preparation-in-bangladeshSo, you need a break. When you’re feeling sick, your doctor will give you an excuse note. But things get a bit complicated if you’re just feeling dread out from all the work. Even though, as we’ve seen before, stress could easily be treated as an illness itself, you can’t get real doctor’s permission to stay at home.

Also, for most of the superiors being nervous and tired is not a good enough reason for letting you sleep longer and not showing up at work.

The one solution that comes up is a fake doctor’s note. Internet is full of sites that offer templates of doctor’s notes that you can easily print in the safety of your home. This industry of fake notes has grown to the remarkable levels. The notes look amazingly realistic and it’s really hard to recognize if they are fake or real. They are designed after a whole bunch of real doctor’s notes. That gives you a full list of templates that you could choose from. Designers promise that after showing these fake doctor’s notes to your superior, no questions will be asked and you’ll get your well-deserved break.

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Everything seems easy and clean. On the other hand, these sites will warn you that you shouldn’t abuse fake doctor’s notes. Let’s face it, once you see that your school teacher or boss truly believes that you visited your doctor, you could easily get hooked. Now, every time you don’t feel like working, you might be tempted to reach for another fake doctor’s note template. Although at first it may seem perfectly fine and legitimate, at the end you know that it’s all fake and eventually can do you more harm than good.

To lessen your stress you need to skip work just by using a fake doctor’s note.

After considering the PROS and CONS of using excuses from physician, you must be able to balance your mental attitude towards being productive at work and satisfying your need for rest. There might be other reasons for you to stay at home rather than going to work. Example, your best friend is about to move out and this is the last time you might see each other or your girlfriend’s mom asking you a favor you must not resist. In these scenarios, getting a fake doctors note for work could be the best solution for you to avoid being questioned or penalized by your boss. Try visiting to have an idea about making or acquring a doctors’ note.

After reading these thoughts, you might wonder where on earth that these fake doctors notes are being manufactured and who is behind all these? Well, that’s a question that no one can answer nor anyone will be brave enough to tell. The reason is that these notes had been found useful and can help anyone including you. No individual that doesn’t need time to relax or take a rest to stay away from the stress in their office or school, right? Go to and creat a convicing excuse.

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