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Posted by on Jul 30, 2016 in Uncategorized |

My colleague at work ruined using fake doctors notes for everyone in the office

They say you should surround yourself with people that brings good things to your life, that complements you and always make you improve. There are four types of people that you should keep close to you in order to be successful in life. In the first place you want someone that is truly passionate and committed to his job, meaning restless workers, secondly attitude is everything, usually people are better in their jobs when they are happy, so people with positive attitudes can help you keep positive about bad situations at all times.

Furthermore, the way you see things is very important for the outcome of every action, an inquisitive person can help you create perspective to all of you projects. Lastly, you want to make sure you have a very good relation with that person at work who is a dreamer, his or her drive will contribute to the desire to reach your goals.

As it so happens I was surrounded by a lot of people with the above characteristics, we were a really good team, we helped each other and cover for the other when needed. However, the new research assistant was a bit of a pain at work, but since we all knew that our boss was not very fond of worker’s opinions we decided to move on and try our best to work with her. As a routine we had decided that every 20 days we would swap in between us to get days off using a fake doctors note, we have been doing so for the last couple of years and it was great.

Sometimes we felt like we’ve overworked, we were all stressed out and we can’t handle the pressure anymore. We knew we deserve an extra day off. However, the number of days off allowed is limited. Then a co-worker came up with an idea to use jaseemumer’s doctor excuse. A fake medical note that seems just like the original, minus the hassle of really having an appointment with your doctor and a real sickness. Try going to to learn more effective fake doctor’s excuses

The new girl was nice but not really our cup of tea, anyway, the first time someone handed the note because it was time for his time off, she asked for permission to miss work because most likely if the worker asked for two days off it was because of a nasty flu and the virus will be already in the office and it could infect her any minute. The first time it happened the boss gave her the two days off, 20 days later when our next colleague had his days off, even though she didn’t claim to have a flu, our new assistant asked again for the two days off, it happened for the next 6 occasions.

In the end, my boss was aware of the increase in sick absence in the office and sent an email warning everyone that from now one she will start verifying the validity of medical excuses due to the sudden increase in the past couple of months. All together that was the end of our days off.

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